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The current networking landscape is changing, it is both in-person and virtual, and generally becoming more challenging.  Hosting and attending in-person and online events is expensive and time consuming; and for in-person events studies show that for every 2,000 business cards handed out, sales only increase by 2.5%, it is getting harder to justify the investment.

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Yet the potential is huge, with 1.3 million in-person business events taking place attracting 85 million attendees in the UK every year, and attendance growing as events become more accessible online.   However, there remains a deep void between the sales opportunity presenting itself and the sales opportunity being realised, simply because attendees do not have the tools to enable them to intelligently capture and systematically follow up on the connections that they have made.

Which is why Grapvyn can revolutionise your networking, ROI and opportunity funnel.

Grapvyn ensures that these opportunities are not lost and allows businesses to address this void by making every engagement, connection, and sales opportunity count.  When you consider that 60% of sales occur after the fourth interaction, the need to proactively develop, nurture and progress interactions is critical. This is exactly what Grapvyn enables you to do – effortlessly.

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