A Plan that's Right for You

P.A. in Your Pocket is about helping people and businesses by keeping it simple. ┬áThat’s why P.A. in Your Pocket is a free to use platform for individual users. ┬áBut you might decide that one of our plans will work better for you and your business.

If you can’t find what you are looking for below please contact us at connect@grapvyn.com to discuss your requirements.

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Personal Plan

Connect, Capture, and Introduce, with our Personal Plan...
£ 4
  • Set up Multiple Profiles
  • Business and Personal Profiles
  • Send and Receive Connection Invitations
  • Make and Receive Introductions
  • Aggregation of Social Media Links
  • One-Click Profile View
  • Daily Activity Reporting
  • Private Notes and Reminders
  • Tiered Profile Visibility Options
  • Export CSV Contacts and Activity
  • Contact Search
  • Connection Preview / Screening
  • QR Code Connections
  • OCR Business Card Scanning
  • Send Invites to Non-Users
  • Personal URL to Share with Non-Users
  • Advert Free
  • Email Integration*
  • Phone Contact Integration*
  • Multi-Person Invite*
  • On-Phone Analytics*
  • Auto Accept Option*
  • Ads on Emails* (additional charge)

Business Plan

All the Personal Plan features, plus what you need for your team...
£ 5
00 per user
Monthly (or Annual option available)
  • Reporting and Analytics Dashboard
  • CRM Integration
  • User Management Console
  • Multi Team Setup
  • Business Wide Updates
  • Reporting Exports

Enterprise Plan

All of the Business Plan features, plus what you need to flex for your enterprise...
£ 250
Monthly (or Annual option available)
  • Fixed Monthly Enterprise Fee
  • Flex User Licenses to support your Enterprise needs
  • Setup Support
  • Premium Support
  • *Plus chargeable one-off set-up fee

Event in Your Pocket

Maximise the ROI from Events...
Per Event and Subscription Model available, contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Event Analytics and Insight
  • Dynamic Rebranding for Your Event
  • Unlimited Publishing of Events (monthly subscription)
  • Ad-hoc Event Publishing
  • Can be used to enhance Business or Enterprise Plans
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