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P.A. in Your Pocket is a dynamic and responsive application that can be used via a web browser on your smartphone or your lap/desk top.  Whether via integration with your CRM or via the P.A. in Your Pocket web dashboard, P.A. in Your Pocket gives you real-time visibility of revenue generating opportunities, analytics and insight at the touch of button.  It enables you to connect with people intelligently to accelerate the sales funnel.

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Currently many businesses invest significant time and money in face-to-face and virtual business networking, but how many of these conversations and connections are actually captured and converted?


Current tools and out of date behaviours leave stakeholders and businesses disjointed, with:



  • 70% of connection opportunities lost with no follow up
  • sales revenue unrealised and P&L challenges
  • unavailable or unreliable metrics and insight for stakeholders to aid decision making
  • reduced attendee experience and engagement
  • higher cost of customer acquisition
  • reduced ROI
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P.A. in Your Pocket allows you to capture, connect, aggregate, facilitate and convert all connections quickly and easily.
Grapvyn benefits
Increasing revenue
Increasing revenue and insight


The P.A. in Your Pocket mobile application makes it easy and fast to connect, without wasting valuable sales time inputting data.  Everything is captured within P.A. in Your Pocket allowing the sales process to be significantly accelerated.


What’s more, this business-critical information is not just restricted to the P.A. in Your Pocket application.  It is available in your CRM*, the P.A. in Your  Pocket web dashboard, or simply as an email.  Giving you a complete, workable inventory of connections and opportunities that you or your team have created, which can increase sales and ensure that value is never left on the table again.

Grapvyn means all opportunities reach the funnel

Using P.A. in Your Pocket, you gain visibility into opportunities, the effectiveness of the sales team and marketing efforts. This provides a measurable view of ROI by enabling you to see the end-to-end sales cycle.


As businesses look to establish and build their communities across an ever-growing list of multi-media platforms, P.A. in Your Pocket accelerates this by facilitating connections to your various media profiles from one place.  Removing the overloading of your connections with multiple media-handles. 

Grapvyn enables faster connections to build networks

P.A. in Your Pocket promotes network-nurturing by enabling your community to make useful introductions on your behalf** with context, to develop your network.  Allowing you to follow up effectively, maximise opportunity, and of course, reciprocate.




P.A. in Your Pocket makes the most of every event by replacing one-time use apps.  Gone are the days of needing a different app for every different event. P.A. in Your Pocket can be used for all.


  1. P.A. in Your Pocket hugely benefits the attendees, by saving them time and effort in downloading and updating numerous apps.  P.A. in Your Pocket does the hard work for them, providing familiarity and ease of use, which drives engagement.
  2. This in turn provides measurable and meaningful data, improving the quality of insight for all event stakeholders, and enabling ROI to be truly measured.
  3. P.A. in Your Pocket delivers value to attendees during, and long after the event, by intelligently capturing their connections and integrating with their business processes.      

P.A. in Your Pocket accelerates the sales process and provides currently-missing insight to help drive revenue and profitability.

*integrations with leading CRM systems. Connect with us to discuss your requirements **introduction permissions are set within profile configurations    

Why register interest with us?

P.A. in Your Pocket revolutionises how businesses grow profitable revenue from their face-to-face networking and event activity.  

Get line of sight into sales and marketing activities

As a CEO, CFO, or business leader, P.A. in Your Pocket gives you real-time visibility of revenue generating opportunities, and crucial analytics and insight into the effectiveness and ROI of sales and marketing activities and investment.

Connect intelligently, maximise your opportunities

Connect easily, quickly and digitally through a simple mobile application that enables you to categorise, sort, and search, whilst providing context, call-to-action, and trackability. Build connections and opportunities more effectively by enabling your community to make introductions on your behalf.

One application that integrates, aggregates, and facilitates

Integration with CRMs increases productivity and ensures data accuracy. P.A. in Your Pocket facilitates easier connections across your media platforms, as it aggregates media handles, and facilitates sales acceleration by capturing context and call-to-action that is visible in real-time in your CRM.

Become an early adopter of P.A. in Your Pocket

Be an early adopter and use P.A. in Your Pocket for free, and capture every opportunity. 

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