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P.A. in Your Pocket – connecting people intelligently.


Grapvyn is a disruptive and innovative company that is helping people and businesses to capture opportunity to accelerate sales to drive revenue with our first product, P.A. in Your Pocket. 


We are committed to replacing out-of-date rituals, to ensure connections are aligned with the digital, time-challenged, and ROI-demanding world that we live in.  


P.A. in Your Pocket has been developed to provide:

Frictionless experience

A frictionless user experience

Line of sight icon

Real-time line of sight to revenue-generating opportunities

Detailed Insights from Grapvyn

Detailed insights and analytics to understand ROI

Making things simple, fast, value-adding and integrated, are at the very heart of Grapvyn.

Sonya Kimpton de Ville

Sonya Kimpton de Ville

CEO and Founder

Sonya has over 20 years’ experience from start-ups to global organisations.  Committed to developing business operations and delivering business transformation through effectiveness of business practices, leadership, culture, and optimisation, Sonya has seen first-hand the disconnect between marketing spend and lead curation, and how optimising sales opportunities and developing successful multi-source lead generation programmes has, until now, been largely impossible.

Frustrated by the lack of user-friendly tools available to intelligently capture and actively visualise sales opportunities and networking effectiveness in real-time, Sonya created the Grapvyn platform and P.A. in Your Pocket product.

P.A. in Your Pocket addresses the frustration for salespeople who want to capture sales leads easily and effectively, and the demands and needs of CEOs and Leadership teams, who require real-time visibility of the opportunities arising from sales and marketing investment and effort.  P.A. in Your Pocket offers a digital, fast and frictionless way to capture every opportunity, leaving nothing to chance; managing the process end to end through integrations with internal CRM systems.


Sid Vasili - GrapVyn

Sid Vasili


Sid is a serial entrepreneur and was the founder and former CEO of Invapay, a global payments technology company. 

An industry visionary, Sid has developed an enviable thought leadership position in the global finance and BPO industries by designing and developing innovative B2B payment, cash flow and lending solutions for the world’s largest corporations and banks.

Sid sits on the Boards and is a Shareholder in several global technology businesses including  Check an Invoice, EMO Technologies, and ScenicLend.



Are you an investor?  Grapvyn is currently open for Seed investment, contact us HERE for an investor pack.

Why use P.A. in Your Pocket?

P.A. in Your Pocket revolutionises how businesses grow profitable revenue from their online and face-to-face networking and event activity.  

Get line of sight into sales and marketing activities

As a CEO, CFO, or business leader, P.A. in Your Pocket gives you real-time visibility of revenue generating opportunities, and crucial analytics and insight into the effectiveness and ROI of face-to-face sales and marketing activities and investment.

Connect intelligently, maximise your opportunities

Connect easily, quickly and digitally through a simple mobile application that enables you to categorise, sort, and search, whilst providing context, call-to-action, and trackability. Build connections and opportunities more effectively by enabling your community to make introductions on your behalf.

One application that integrates, aggregates, and facilitates

Integration with CRMs increases productivity and ensures data accuracy. P.A. in Your Pocket facilitates easier connections across your media platforms, as it aggregates media handles, and facilitates sales acceleration by capturing context and call-to-action that is visible in real-time in your CRM.

Become an early adopter of P.A. in Your Pocket

Be an early adopter and use P.A. in Your Pocket for free, and capture every opportunity. 

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