Can your business really afford to keep paying for lost opportunity?

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Calling all CEOs and CFOs currently investing in lead generation – you’re paying good money to fill the top of the sales funnel but there’s a massive missed opportunity that is costing your business thousands.


The hidden cost of face-to-face networking is silently impacting your business, with 70% of face-to-face connections vanishing, and 4 million hours of productivity being lost globally each year. Lost opportunities are significantly impacting your bottom line, and this is clearly being felt as 83% of you believe face-to-face networking connections do not generate enough ROI.


Companies across the globe invest heavily in face-to-face networking as a fundamental part of their lead generation strategy and it certainly holds a key position in the sales teams’ modus operandi and marketing teams’ strategy.  Events and networking is big business, constituting a £42.3 billion industry in the UK alone (source: Eventbrite). But unlike other areas of business seeing investment in digitalisation and modernisation, face-to-face networking is being left behind.


Networking rituals are ineffective. Out-of-date tools are leaving businesses disjointed and resulting in missed sales opportunities, lost ROI and lost sales intelligence – compounding the sales and marketing disconnect; and making it impossible for CEOs and CFOs to justify further investment in event presence.

Grapvyn is an innovative technology that is the critical connector to drive revenue.  It is the tool that your face-to-face teams need to connect with people intelligently, and bring networking into the 21st century to align with our digitalised business world. Grapvyn allows your business to connect, integrate, and analyse.


A sophisticated platform, Grapvyn integrates seamlessly with existing CRM systems¹.  Removing the need for manual data entry, therefore removing resistance to CRM engagement, and making your CRM your teams’ ‘go-to’ place to get information, rather than the ‘necessary evil’ that drains their productivity.  Effective sales organisations are 81% more likely to be consistently using a CRM (source: Aberdeen Group) and using Grapvyn, connections are directed straight into your business’ sales funnel, enabling your team to follow up on leads fast, and pull prospects along their buying journey.


Not only that, but all connections are aggregated to provide you as CEOs and CFOs with key, actionable insight and metrics.  And analytics are critical – after all, how do you know the true cost of customer acquisition if you aren’t measuring it accurately? 


The quantified insights and measures of face-to-face sales effectiveness that Grapvyn provides will enable your business to maximise results.  Giving you a clear line of sight into activities, you can finally see the true ROI and effectively optimise all connections and opportunity.  


As the critical connector Grapvyn supports your sales teams and ensures you capture 100% of business connections.  This alone could mean your business sees a 67% increase in revenue.  What’s more, with these enhanced insights you can identify opportunities for further training and behaviour development, unlocking the potential for your business to see up to a 300% increase in revenue. 


Can your business really afford to keep paying for lost opportunity?  To stop leaving opportunity on the table, start connecting intelligently: Register Interest 

¹ Integrations with leading CRM systems. Connect with us to discuss your requirements.

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