Why Grapvyn?

Businesses spend a fortune on networking, hosting, marketing and attending conferences around the globe, face-to-face and virtually.  Yet CEOs, CFOs, and leadership teams find it impossible to measure their true value and ROI.  Not anymore, thanks to Grapvyn.

Grapvyn revolutionises how businesses grow profitable revenue from their face-to-face and virtual networking and event activity.  This innovative technology provides a fast and effective way of connecting people intelligently, ensuring you capture every opportunity, with context and call-to-action.

With Grapvyn you can build your networks to build your business, making a real impact on your revenue targets.

Grapvyn builds connections to build business
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Get line of sight into face-to-face marketing activities

Connect intelligently

Connect intelligently, maximise your opportunities

One application integrates and facilitates

One application that integrates, aggregates and facilitates

Frequently Asked Questions

A small selection of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Grapvyn Platform

What is Grapvyn?

Grapvyn is a ground-breaking business tool that enables you to capture every networking connection fast, effectively, and intelligently.  By digitally supporting face-to-face and virtual business networking, Grapvyn quickly and easily provides context, call-to-action and measurement, which accelerates the sales funnel ensuring opportunity is never left on the table.  

I’m a CEO/CFO, how does Grapvyn add value?

Currently, CEOs and CFOs have no line of sight into how opportunities are being gathered in face-to-face or virtual environments, and have no way to measure the ROI of networking and hosting events.  Grapvyn provides quantified insights, enabling a clear and true understanding of the ROI and effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts, and their impact on revenue.  

I’m a Salesperson, how will Grapvyn help me?

One of the biggest challenges of a busy salesperson is to develop new opportunities.  This is primarily achieved through networking, which comes with a workload overhead to turn connections, business cards, and online conversations into leads that are meaningful and useful.  Grapvyn enables you to connect easily, quickly, and intelligently, without needing to remember every interaction and without the admin overhead – giving you the time to focus on important calls-to-action, to maximise every opportunity.  

How does Grapvyn work for events?

Grapvyn enables attendees to use a tool that is familiar to them, whether they are attending in-person or virtually, enhancing their experience and increasing engagement.  It provides event hosts, organisers, and sponsors with previously unavailable insight and analytics.  Crucially, Grapvyn is not a one-time experience, meaning connections go beyond the event – and are not lost as soon as the event is over.  Grapvyn enables connections to be made with context and call-to-action, increasing the value and opportunity for attendees.  

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